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We've had a few journalists review our band.  Here's what they published.

June 13, 2015

“Described as "obsessively eclectic", Spark Notes has a heavy classical background but is also inspired by alternative rock bands Nirvana and Weezer and rap artist Snoop Dogg. If Spark Notes could play with any artist, alive or dead, anywhere they would be playing with J.S. Bach at the Roman Coliseum. Now, that would be an interesting show! Spark Notes played an all original set including songs "Take You Away", "Florida Keys" and "Blazing Away", a song about trying to "blaze away" from a breakup you don't want to face.”

Christine Annis - journalist

an interview after a Hard Rock Casino performance

AUGUST 12, 2011


The duo emanates infectious energy, making it hard not to smile. Lalo is both animated on and off stage. Their first tune had a punk vibe to it (I immediately thought of The Matches) and one of its lyrics — "The sun is imploding" — got stuck in my head all night. 

Kate Cillian - journalist

on Spark Notes performing at The Hideaway

FEBRUARY 1, 2011


The winner of each Tampa Bay Bar competition will battle each other at a future date to eventually become the winner of the Tampa Bay regionals. The winner of the Tampa Bay regionals will then advance to the state competition, Battle for Florida, where the winner of that event will then advance to the National competition, The Battle For America. I would like to publicly congratulate Spark Notes on their win, and wish them the best of luck in the rest of the competition

Keith Wilkinson - journalist

on Spark Notes winning 'battle of the bands' 

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